Elected Officials

The Elected Officials for the City of Lone Star serve two year terms.  Three Aldermen are elected in even numbered years and the Mayor and two Aldermen are elected in odd numbered years.


Randy Hodges   (term exp. 05/2023)

Aldermen (City Council)

Jerri Chism - Mayor Pro Tem  (term exp. 05/2024)
Mona Brown  (term exp. 05/2023)
Rudy Dudley  (term exp. 05/2023)
Tony Johnson  (term exp. 05/2024)
Cody Wommack (term exp. 05/2024)

Contact Information

Lone Star City Hall
200 W. Industrial Blvd.
P.O. Box 218
Lone Star, TX 75668
903-656-3355 Fax